Israel’s technology transfer company Rosetta IP announced signing of an agreement to establish a partnership in Vilnius. The new partnership with one of the biggest regional startups hub Vilnius Tech Park aims to transform regional scientific inventions discovered during academic research into commercially viable and innovative products.


Founded 9 years ago, Rosetta IP has a wealth of experience in managing and commercializing the intellectual property (IP) of higher education institutions and non-university research institutions. Thus, according to Gary Raskin, Director of Business Development at Rosetta IP, extensive knowledge of the field and a dedicated IP management team will bring significant benefits to regional organizations, willing to bring innovations to life.


“Transforming invention into real life products requires overcoming technical, financial and commercial barriers. For almost a decade, we have been helping Israel’s organizations to overcome these barriers and deliver their products to customers across Europe, North America, China, India and Japan. We find the ecosystem and infrastructure in Lithuania as strong and as relevant for IP commercialization as we have it in Israel,” explains Mr. Raskin.

Having worked with a number of organizations, Rosetta IP has become a leader in the technology transfer industry in Israel. The company uses its Application Specific IP (ASIP) methodology to package and commercialize technology in the form of IP licensing. In 2013, Rosetta IP was selected by Israel Consul of Higher Education as the only Technology Transfer Company (TTC) to serve all academic institutes, governmental hospitals and research centers in Israel.


According to Darius Zakaitis, Managing Director at Vilnius Tech Park, coming together of the two well-known organizations in their respective countries signifies the best match to benefit regional talents. “The new technology park is emerging as one of the biggest startup hub in the Baltics and Nordics, combining startups from the Baltics, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus in one location. We are excited to welcome a leading technology transfer company to our community, which will help regional startups and academic institutions to attract prospective investments and make their inventions available for global business community, ” Mr. Zakaitis explains.


Each year Israeli technology transfer companies generate a total of over 250 million euros in royalties. About 150 new technologies are licensed from Israeli universities and research institutes each year


About Vilnius Tech Park:

The region‘s most complex and integrated ICT hub, Vilnius Tech Park aims to attract and unite innovative talent from game development, big data, cyber security, smart solutions, fintech and digital design. The 9000+ square meters of working space, located in renovated 19th century buildings, will hold over 700 working places for entrepreneurs and professionals, who will also benefit from unmatched business development infrastructure and exclusive services from the park’s core partners Startup Highway, TEO and Omnitel, IMI.VC, Game Insight and DNB Bank.


About Rosetta IP:

Rosetta IP Ltd specializes in the commercialization of intellectual property based technologies (IP core). The company customer base spread across many companies in industries worldwide. The company has customers in Western Europe, USA, China, Japan and India. To date the company commercialized over 30 IP cores. Over the years the company has developed its own methodology known as ASIP (Application Specific Intellectual Property). The method goal, is target the technology for a specific use at its early R&D stage, in effort to bridge the gap to its commercialization. The company bring into one:  Industrial and Academic research results, technical support and professional services. Helping its customers at the industry realize their needs for technology and innovation. Rosetta IP team, have extensive experience in the management of R&D projects, and in seen thru that such projects will mature from a concept to R&D and later inception of a startup company Rosetta IP offices are located in Netanya, Israel. The company have sales offices in Santa Clara, CA, USA and Nanjing, Jiangsu, PRC.



For more information:

Gary Raskin

Business Development Director, Rosetta IP

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Monika Poškaitytė

Communication coordinator, Vilnius Tech Park

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