Israel’s technology transfer company Rosetta IP announced signing of an agreement to establish a partnership in Vilnius. The new partnership with one of the biggest regional startups hub Vilnius Tech Park aims to transform regional scientific inventions discovered during academic research into commercially viable and innovative products.


Founded 9 years ago, Rosetta IP has a wealth of experience in managing and commercializing the intellectual property (IP) of higher education institutions and non-university research institutions. Thus, according to Gary Raskin, Director of Business Development at Rosetta IP, extensive knowledge of the field and a dedicated IP management team will bring significant benefits to regional organizations, willing to bring innovations to life.


“Transforming invention into real life products requires overcoming technical, financial and commercial barriers. For almost a decade, we have been helping Israel’s organizations to overcome these barriers and deliver their products to customers across Europe, North America, China, India and Japan. We find the ecosystem and infrastructure in Lithuania as strong and as relevant for IP commercialization as we have it in Israel,” explains Mr. Raskin.

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